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About the project

A collaborative project funded by the Research Support Libraries Programme.

Research Support Libraries Programme

Project summary

The project aims to enhance support for research in Icelandic, Old Norse and Viking studies by using collaborative management techniques to develop the collections in a national context and to provide access to them through a subject gateway. Academic advisors to the project have confirmed that good-quality resource discovery in this area is poorly supported on the internet and that the gateway would meet a real need. Icelandic material is also increasingly the subject of interdisciplinary interest (e.g. literary reception studies and popular culture) and of relevance to academics in institutions which lack library strengths in the subject. These too will benefit from a facility which enables researchers to identify and locate the resources they need.

The partner libraries will work together to establish a mechanism for sharing information which will support the future development of individual collections within the context of the holdings of all the libraries. This will ensure the most effective and sustainable use of resources in providing maximum possible coverage of the available material.

A critical prerequisite for any collaborative collection management is that the fullest possible information about the resources in each location exists and is easily accessible to all potential users. This project addresses the issue in two ways. Firstly, it includes cataloguing/retrocataloguing so that all the printed material held at each site will appear in the library's online catalogue and be available for access through combined resources such as COPAC. Secondly, the project will establish a subject gateway with descriptions of the partners' collections linked to their catalogue records, and enhanced by qualitative evaluation of and links to other relevant web resources in the UK and world wide. A further aspect will be the delivery of full text display of selected rare publications held in the partner collections.

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