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Web sites to be included in the subject gateway

This list names the sites already identified for inclusion in the gateway. Those which are in black either already appear in the gateway or are being worked on by project partners.Sites which have been identified as possible candidates for evaluation and inclusion in the gateway but which are not yet being worked on are indicated in red. If you decide to describe one or more of them, please notify: so that we know the work is in progress and no one else starts to describe the same site.

19th century travels in Iceland
28. Nordiske etnolog- og folkloristkongress
L'Anse aux Meadows: national historic site of Canada
Antique maps of Iceland
ArnamagnŠanske Institut
Blood of the Vikings
Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Centre for Viking and medieval studies
Centre for the Study of the Viking Age
Course in Old Icelandic
CultureNet Iceland
Dokumentasjons prosjektet
Editing Medieval manuscripts
Electronic Zoega Old Icelandic Dictionary Project
Fornaldars÷gur nor­urlanda
Fornleifastofnun ═slands
Forum of North European Archaeology
Fr÷jel discovery programme
Index of Runlex
═slenzka bˇkmenntafÚlag
Jesse Byock's Viking site
Jˇnas HallgrÝmsson - selected poetry and prose
Jorvik Viking centre
Learning Old Norse
Marc Carlson's homepage - history of medieval Greenland
Mapping the Icelandic Genome
Neil's research homepage
New edition of MßlfrŠ­innar grundv÷llr
Nordic archaeological abstracts
Nordic FAQ
Nordic underwater archaeology
Norse Course
Norse-Icelandic skaldic poetry of the Scandinavian middle ages
Norse mythology
North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation
Northern Winds - source texts
Nytt om runer
Old Norse e-texts
Old Norse Language Institute
Old Icelandic Poetry Site
ORB - the Online Reference Book for medieval studies
Pompeji of Iceland
Postcards from Iceland
Projekt Runeberg
Rune typology project
Saga of Grettir the strong
Samnordisk runtextdatabas
Sigur­ur Nordal Institute
Skudelev ships
Sprňk- och folkminnesinstitutet (SOFI)
Stofnun ┴rna Magn˙ssonar ß ═slandi
Svensk runbibliografi
S÷derwall Ordbok ÷fver Svenska Medeltids-sprňket
Ůjˇ­minjasafn ═slands
Viking answer lady
Viking heritage
Viking network
Viking Society for Northern Research
Viking voyage 1000
Vikings: the North Atlantic saga
Vinlanda: the Vinland map on the web
World of the Vikings



Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
Cambridge University Library
Edinburgh University library
Fiske Icelandic Collection
Libraries in Iceland on the internet
Perseus digital library
UK higher eucation and research libraries
WWW virtual library history index


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