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Digitised texts

1616-1916 ... Ultima Thule sendeth greeting
Matthias Jochumsson

Account of Iseland
Isaac de la Peyrčre

A brief commentarie of Island
Arngrímur Jónsson

Egils saga

Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar
Sturla Ţórđarson

Anecdotes of Olave the Black

Haco's expedition against Scotland

Iceland: handbook for tourists
Stefán Stefánsson

Runic poetry
Translated by Thomas Percy, Bishop of Dromore

Travels in Iceland
Eggert Ólafsson, Bjarni Pálsson

Travels in the island of Iceland
Sir George Steuart Mackenzie


Selection of the texts
The works selected for digitization within the EGIL project are all, in the broadest sense, related to the subject of textual transmission, the reception of Icelandic culture, and the cultural links between Iceland and Britain ... (more)

Great Jet of Steam on the Sulphur Mountains

Great Jet of Steam on the Sulphur Mountains (detail)
Travels in the Island of Iceland by Sir George Steuart Mackenzie (Edinburgh, 1812)

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